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For many years Aflatek has been providing highest quality products to as well as friendly and responsible customer service. Our products range from line laser modules and their equipment to high productivty band saws and vacuum presses, and the variety is getting larger every year. Aflatek is most known for their air compressor production line. We offer silent oil-free, piston and screw type air compressors. Our silent compressors are one of the most quiet and efficient on the market, not to mention that all of them have pure air, oil-free design. Piston compressors provide great productivity and are very long living. Our high-end screw type compressors are made with professionals in mind. All of them offer high efficiency, productivity, high pressure resistance(up to 13bars). To top that off, Aflatek's screw compressors are extremely quiet. We offer compressors for any situation- from hobby level oil-free compressors to industrial 160kW screw compressors.

Productos de la compañía

  • Aflatek is offering one of the best oil-free, silent, direct-drive air compressors on the market. Ranging from 600W to 7.2kW in power. Great for places where other compressors are too loud.

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