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Grupo de productosCabezales de cosechadoras combinadas
Marca / modeloAgropark NEW FF16 11,2 m row free sunflower header
Año de fabricación2018
Opciones extrasNuevo/sin usar
Anchura de trabajo11.2
Peso de transporte2,400 kg
Más informaciónNew Agropark FF16 11,2 m row free sunflower header, For John Deere S/T/W combines, 2018, Working width: 11,2 m (15 rows with 75 cm row distance)., Weight: 2.400 kg, Row free header, can be used even at 20-30 degrees relative to the rows., The long and adjustable tray can significantly reduce loss, Gathering fingers with adjustable position, Stalk removers, Compatible with John Deere S/T/W combines, While using such a row free header the amount of stalk getting into the threshing system is very low resulting in much lower fuel consumption and wear.

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Detalles - Anchura de trabajo: 11.2 m, Peso de transporte: 2,400 kg