SID Balrivare och upprullare/ Bale spreader unroller

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66,783 MXN
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Marca / modeloSID Balrivare och upprullare/ Bale spreader unroller
Año de fabricación2019
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Ubicación de la máquinaKolno
Mascus ID2A3781C0
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Precio sin IVA66,783 MXN
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Precio con IVA82,143 MXN
Calificación general (de 1 a 5)5
Garantía12 miesięcy
País de fabricaciónPolonia
Más información2-in-1 bale spreader and unroller
This is the perfect machine for unrolling and shaking out bales of hay and haylage. Perfectly suited for drive-thru barns, henhouses, and even during mulching of strawberry plantations.
This is a distribution machine consisting of a bale unroller, shaker and frame with two tines 1100 mm in length for bale loading. It can be fastened to front loaders, telescopic loaders as well as to a three-point hitch. The bale is unrolled by means of two chains equipped with strips with dogs and shaken out even up to a range of 8m. The machine can additionally be equipped with automatic connection of hydraulic conduits, which accelerates work.

- Time savings: Direct bale loading by means of frame with tines and fast mulching.
- Resistance: High-quality Alform700 steel, subassemblies of renowned companies, powder painting.
- Universality: The bale-holding tines can serve for other tasks.

- Solid construction made of high-quality Alform700 steel with a thickness of 8mm.
- Fastening - to the spreader's frame, enabling fast change of the fastening without cutting and welding.
- Automatic Connection of Hydraulic Conduits - option for additional charge.
- Hydraulic Conduits - resistance up to 330 bar.
- Spreading Distance - shaker position adjustment in 3 positions, spreading range from 1m to 8m.
- Hydraulic Feed - required: 40l min, 180 bar.
- Unrolling Speed - adjustment by means of potentiometer.
- Direction of shaking/unrolling - forward or right or left.
- Bale Unrolling - valve cutting off flow of hydraulic oil to the shaker, after which unrolling by itself is possible.
- Guarantee - 12 months.
- Other Dimensions - possibility of manufacturing spreader with dimensions according to the customer's needs.

Technical specifications of GTH SIR 16 Spreader – 3150 euro
- Maximum Bale Dimension: height 1.2 m, diameter 1.6 m
- Weight - 520 kg

Automatic Connection of Hydraulic Conduits - 400 euro

Technical specifications of GTH SIR 18 Spreader – 4200 euro
- Maximum Bale Dimension: height 1.2 m, diameter 1.9 m
- Weight - 600 kg

Made from High-Quality ALFORM 700 Steel
- Possibility of applying lower steel thickness while maintaining high strength.
- Thanks to its lower weight, it reduces fuel consumption and wear of the operational subassemblies of the machine to which the bale unroller is coupled.
- Higher resistance to mechanical impacts.

The highest manufacturing standards.
Every item of agricultural equipment that we offer is shot-blasted and powder-painted. This is decidedly the most effective among the modern metal coating methods applied today, ensuring very good corrosion protection and protection against damage of the lacquer's topcoat.

Test of correct operation of Your Spreader:
- Verification of correct machine installation.
- Verification of the hydraulic system for correctness, leaks, intended effect and adjustment of hydraulics.
- General operation and visual appearance of the machine.
The final effect is that the machine is delivered to you already checked and ready for work.

Why choose the Grutech Spreader?
The machine that we offer is characterized by an excellent price to quality ratio. Our goal is to provide products that meet the highest quality standards as well as the individual expectations of each and every one of our customers.

We guarantee permanent access to the machines and transport throughout the World!

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      Por favor, dígale al vendedor que encontró su máquina en venta en Mascus"
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