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Grupo de productosCosechadoras de forraje autopropulsadas
Marca / modeloKrone Big X 1000 4WD (1642/2425 hours)
Año de fabricación2012
Horas de uso1,642 h
Anchura de trabajo7.50
Transmisión40 km/h IVT
Potencia del motor702 kW (954 cv)
Cilindros6 cilindros
Cilindrada del motor12,800
Velocidad máxima40 km/h
Tamaño de llantas delanteras800/65R32 GoodYear
Tamaño de llantas traseras600/70R28 Michelin
AccesoriosVásároljon ÚJ vagy HASZNÁLT mezőgazdasági gépet kedvező lízingre (akár fix 1%-os lízingre 3 éves futamidővel, akár fix 2,5%-os lízingre 5 éves futamidővel, akár fix 3,5%-os lízingre 7 éves futamidővel évi kétszeri törlesztéssel és 37%-os önerő befizetésével).
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Más informaciónKrone Big X 1000 4WD (1642/2425 hours), 2 x 510 HP Mercedes engine, 7,5 m 10 row independent corn header, pick-up, from Germany, 2011/2012, Engine hours: 2425, Drum hours: 1642, Horse power: 954 HP (Max power (IPM): 1020 HP), Displacement: 12800 ccm, Number of cylinders: 6, Type of the engine: 2 x 6 cylinder Mercedes-Benz engine, Transmission: 40 km/h IVT, Max speed: 40 km/h, Size of the header: 10,5 m, Trolley: No, AdBlue: No, Comfort cab, Multifunctional joystick, EasyTouch 7 inch display, ConstantPower automatic (automatically adjusts travel speed based on load), Integrated diagnostics, Digital air conditioning, Coolbox, Radio, Air suspended seat, Passenger seat, Rear view cam, 800/65R32 GoodYear, 600/70R28 Michelin, Automatic trailer hitch, 3 beacon lights, 11 work lights on the front, 2 work lights on the rear, 2 work lights on the sides, 1 light at the stairs, 1 work light on the spout, For additional cost ATU200 automatic steering system is also available, Krone Ease Flow 3001 pick-up (built in 2010 and registered in 2012), Krone Easy Collect 753 7,5 m 10 row independent corn header (built in 2011 and registered in 2012), From Germany with only 1 previous owner!, Corn cruncher, Rear weights, Central lubrication system (10 liters), Air compressor (30 liters), 6 magnetic metal detector in the feed rolls (disables the header and the feed drive so you do not damage the chopper drum), 6-cylinder feeder for increased pressure (4600 kg / 158 liters), Hydrostatic feed roller and adapter drive (stepless), Hydraulic feed roller folding, 800/600 mm chopper drum (width/diameter), Electric chopping length adjustment from within the cab: (0,1 mm), Chopping length: 4,5-24, 3,5-17, Cuts/min: 16800, 24000, Automatic blade grinding, Grass/Hay: 28 blades + counter-blade, Corn: 40 blades + counter-blade, 2 engines: the engines can be used separately (one engine can be switched off), when 1020 horsepower becomes unnecessary (eg if a pick-up is used).

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Detalles - Anchura de trabajo: 7.50 m, Horas de uso: 1,642 h, Transmisión: 40 km/h IVT, Potencia del motor: 702 kW (954 cv), Cilindros: 6 cilindros, Cilindrada del motor: 12,800 cm3, Velocidad máxima: 40 km/h, Tamaño de llantas delanteras: 800/65R32 GoodYear, Tamaño de llantas traseras: 600/70R28 Michelin