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Grupo de productosPulverizadores arrastrados
Marca / modeloFertilizer sprayer 1 disc 400l Spruzzatore fertili
Año de fabricación2018
Opciones extrasNuevo/sin usar
Calificación general (de 1 a 5)5
Garantía12 months
Volumen del tanque400 l
País de fabricaciónPolonia
Más informaciónFertilizer spreaders are used for the uniform spreading of fertilizers. They serve to fertilize cereals as well as root crops. If you use spreaders in orchards, grow currants, ito grapes. We offer sowing spreaders, transverse mills.
Polyethylene tank
Type of machine mounted
Length [mm] 1320
Width [mm] 1300
Height [mm] 1280
Weight [kg] 60
Working width - sowing [m] 6 - 14
Range of sowing quantity [kg / ha] 50 - 1500
Dispensing assembly - slot type
Type of disc sowing machine
PTO gear drive
Acceptable payload [l] 400
Working speed [km / h] 4 - 13
Cooperating tractor class 0.9
Pendulum-telescopic shaft type C - 40220
Tank capacity [l] 400

extra option Hydraulic assembly
Detalles - Calificación general (de 1 a 5): 5, Garantía: 12 months, Volumen del tanque: 400 l, País de fabricación: Polonia