Metal-Fach Z 562, Presses à balles, Bale press

Precio sin IVA
246,939 MXN
Precio sin IVA
246,939 MXN
Grupo de productosEmpacadoras circular
Marca / modeloMetal-Fach Z 562, Presses à balles, Bale press
Año de fabricación2019
Opciones extrasNuevo/sin usar
Ubicación de la máquina59-900 Zgorzelec
Mascus ID3DA6F240
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Precio sin IVA246,939 MXN
IVA (23%)56,796 MXN
Precio con IVA303,735 MXN
País de fabricaciónPolonia
Más informaciónProduct with EU warranty & CE certificate.

Baler Z562

Z562 Baler. This is the first product of this type on the Polish market. The innovative cylindrical baling chambers give the maximum possible compaction ratio. The haylage produced by baling with this machine has the optimum ensilage conditions to become a high quality product. The 180 cm pickups and net wrappers increase the harvest efficiency by as much as 30%. The baling press is the first machine in Poland to have a special applicator for ensilaging fodder as part of the harvesting process. The machine features a rear gate mechanical lock. This solution relieves the strain on the tractor hydraulic system and reduces the vehicle’s fuel consumption. The baling press is available with wide tyres, and the machine performs well on damp terrain.

PERFORMANCE: the 180 cm pickups and net wrappers increase the harvest efficiency by as much as 30%. The bale ejector rolls the bales clear from the rear gate tilt range, so that the machine does not need to be driven away from the dropped product.

INNOVATION: the cylindrical baling chambers give the highest compaction ratio possible.

DIGITAL CONTROL: simple and reliable control with an electronic panel that features a bale counter and other features.

UNIVERSAL: the wide tyres allow work in difficult terrain conditions, and the adjustable tow bar can be mounted on the lower hitch.

ECONOMY: unlike hydraulic-powered solutions, the rear gate mechanical lock reduces tractor fuel consumption.

DURABILITY: the robust composite guard and the reliable, sturdy structure ensure many years of operation.

Type Z562-0
Machine dimensions:
1 Length [mm] 3730
2 Width [mm] 2470
3 Height [mm] 2050
4 Weight [kg] 2200

Tractor requirements:
5 PTO power demand [kW] 25
6 PTO rotational speed [rpm] 540
7 Electrical connection to tractor 1 7-pin lighting socket + 1 car lighter socket
8 Minimum tractor power output [kW] 35
9 Required tractor hydraulic system pressure [atm.-MPa] 140-14
10 Required oil flow rate [l-min] 25
11 Electrical system voltage [V] 12
12 Working-transport speed [km-h] 10-20

Bale characteristics:
13 Yield [pcs.-h] up to 20
14 Bale width [mm] 1200
15 Bale diameter [mm] 1200
16 Bale weight [kg] 100-600
17 Rolling chamber type cylindrical, fixed chamber
18 Bale density variable
19 Net wrapping system - option
20 Twine wrapping system - standard
21 Twine wrapping spacing adjustment 3 increments
22 Chamber feed system pickup and fork feeder

23 Pickup type drum-tine, 4 bars
24 Pickup width [mm] 1800
25 Service collecting width [mm] 1520
26 Number of pickup pins 44

27 Size 400-60-15.5 14PR
28 Tyre pressure [kPa] 250
Optional equipment
29 Chain central lubrication - standard
30 Ensilingapplicator - option

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