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Grupo de productosTanques para abono líquido
Marca / modeloVredo ZBF
Año de fabricación2014
No. de inventario internoG00100589
Calificación general (de 1 a 5)4
País de fabricaciónPaíses Bajos
Más informaciónZBF 7241
· Year of Construction 2014
· Machine No. 1101.031
· Automatic lubrication
· Reflecting disc covers

· Working width 7.2meter
· 41 elements
· Inter row distance 17.5 cm
· Vredo double discs system (spoke discs)
· Lubrication system: manual per element.
· Automatically hydraulic shutter set of the slurry outlets
· Horizontal 42 holes distributor
· 3 sections-frame with automatic locking for safe road transport
· Easy to replace wear-resistant HPME slide blocks
· Stainless steel hose clips on the slurry hoses and the rubber slurry outlets
· Transport width 2,8 meter
· Height standing on the ground 3.56 meter
· Weight ±2045 kg
· Reflecting disc cover for safe transport
· Special angular-contact bearings
· LED lightning kit
· 5" Slurry hose with socket connection on top of distributor

Required hydraulics:
· 3x Double acting (2x open center, 1x closed center), The distributer needs a continious oil fow of 55L/min
· 1x pressure less return line

· 2x 1/2" In/out folding
· 2x 1/2" closing rubber drop stop outlets
· 2x 3/4" distributor
· 1x 1/2" pressure less return line

Attention: When towed machine is without closed center function please choose option 1100O070-01
Detalles - No. de inventario interno: G00100589, Calificación general (de 1 a 5): 4, País de fabricación: Países Bajos