Agrokoncerno technika, UAB

Žibuoklių 16
LT57126 Kėdainiai
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Descripción de la empresa

Joint-Stock Company Ltd “Raifagra” started its business in 2002 in a strategically convenient location, Žibuoklių street of Kedainiai city, in rented production premises. A small company has grown during its activity period so that today it is able to supply Lithuanian farmers with qualitative used and new agricultural equipment from the West Europe, spare parts, to render qualified services of repairs, agricultural service and consulting.

A strong basis for maintenance and service of agricultural equipment was established in Kėdainiai, reliable suppliers of spare parts were found, and the formed team of qualified mechanics can offer qualitative and fast repairs of equipment. Our managers working with responsibility are always ready to solve any problems, to give consultations and offer qualitative used or new agricultural equipment as well as to ensure a prompt and continuous supply of the most necessary spare parts.

In 2006, after the composition of company’s shareholders has changed and the Joint-Stock Company Ltd “Raifagra” has become an absolute property of the Agrokoncernas group, it was decided to change the company’s name to the Joint-Stock Company Ltd “Agrokoncerno Technika”. Beginning with autumn of 2006, the second centre of sales and repairs of agricultural equipment started its business in Kuršėnai. It is rendering its services to farmers from the North Lithuania.

In 2008, the construction of the third centre of sales and repairs will be started near the motor highway Kaunas – Klaipėda at Babtai.

Joint-Stock Company Ltd “Agrokoncerno Technika” has deserved with its activity the confidence of both small and large farmers. It is proud of being a reliable partner for supply and service of agricultural equipment in Lithuania.

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