AL-Futtaim Auto & Machinery Co. LLC (FAMCO)

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Emiratos Árabes Unidos
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Servicios de la compañía por AL-Futtaim Auto & Machinery Co. LLC (FAMCO)

  • Maquinaria usada
  • Maquinaria nueva
  • Alquiler
  • Reparación
  • Piezas de repuesto
  • Accesorios
  • Transporte
  • Financiación

Descripción de la empresa

Al-Futtaim Auto and Machinery Company (FAMCO) provides new, used and rental assets, as well as equipment maintenance services for a diverse range of industries and commercial undertakings. With solid expertise throughout the GCC since 2009, we are well known and highly respected throughout this market for supplying and servicing heavy vehicles and machinery.

Our extensive range of new and highly maintained used assets from world class brands extends to trucks, buses, construction machinery, marine engines, air compressors, diesel generators and material handling equipment for the following:

Asphalt & Concrete
Drilling & Mining
Lifting & Material Handling
Marine, Aircraft & Rail
Oil, Gas, Power & Utility
We pride ourselves on our ability to reliably source the right assets for our customers’ small and large scale projects. As an ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Standard) and ISO 14001:2004 (Environment Standard) certified company, we believe in the value of good equipment care and are dedicated to providing outstanding product support service levels to our customers, and committed to maintaining the highest possible levels of quality, safety and environmental standards, helping customers to keep their projects on track to success.

Anuncios de AL-Futtaim Auto & Machinery Co. LLC (FAMCO) en Mascus

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    La empresa presta servicios de: maquinaria usada, maquinaria nueva, alquiler, reparación, piezas de repuesto, accesorios, transporte y financiación.