Armaks d.o.o.

Češnjevek 22
4207 Cerklje na gorenjskem
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Servicios de la compañía por Armaks d.o.o.

  • Maquinaria usada
  • Maquinaria nueva
  • Piezas de repuesto
  • Accesorios

Marcas representadas

  • Kleber

Descripción de la empresa

Armaks d.o.o the company for the sale of agricultural tractor's tires and rims.

Our customers are various companies and natural persons for their work need a high-quality tractor tires of renowned brands such as: BKT, Alliance, Kleber, Michelin, Mitas, Taurus, and the other as needed.

We have a lot of experience and satisfied customers, so we can advise you and offer you the best tractor tires depending on the way you use at work.

Quality of product sales is tailored to the requirements, needs and expectations of our customers and in accordance with domestic and international regulations and standards.

Our priority is customer satisfaction:

We guarantee quality in all phases of operations,
We provide customer tailored offer for the supply of goods,
We provide the fastest response times in the supply of goods, assembly and delivery of "the yard"
primarily considering customer requirements, which affect prices, terms of delivery and distribution of goods,
obtained and considering feedback about the products and the quality of our services by customers,
customers influence our sales program.

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      • traktorska platišča in gume
      • traktorske gume
      • platišča za traktorje
      • gume za traktor
      • traktorska platišča

      Esta es la página de la compañía Armaks d.o.o. localizada en Eslovenia, Gorenjska, CERKLJE NA GORENJSKEM.

      La empresa presta servicios de: maquinaria usada, maquinaria nueva, piezas de repuesto y accesorios.

      Armaks d.o.o. representa a las marcas: Kleber.

      La compañía se especializa en traktorska platišča in gume, traktorske gume, platišča za traktorje, gume za traktor, traktorska platišča.