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Nilufer Ticaret Merkezi 56.Sok No:82, Nilüfer
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Our mission is
to you and any ATM MACHINE to provide quality service 24 hours a day to solve your problem without dictating loss-size business ...

Our vision is
to be the best company in the sector; It is to increase the customer satisfaction rate of 95%.

Our Quality Policy is
continuously increasing quality awareness of our staff is to provide the best service in the industry.'

• You can increase the value of your project, dropping, especially short-term cost of the projects.
• undetermined earlier maintenance, storage, shipping, you can keep it under control through leasing fixed costs such as insurance.
• You can choose from the you need to machine a broader product line.
• Our machines above a certain age continuous you get a higher yield from your rental machine is renewed.
• you can benefit from our advice and guidance to choose you and your specific machine model work.
• you are completely freed from the initial investment cost.
• If there is a change in your need, you want to ease another machine.
• Sales Price not cheap for these machines funding allocations do not need.
• the machine is no loss of depreciation.
• Fault and maintenance is no longer an expense item for you.
• you do not need huge investments for short-term work.
• Hire bill service and labor costs are tax advantages as written in direct expenses
• to buy at the end of the machine life you will not end.

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