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Marca / modeloXCMG XE155UCR
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United States
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MotorCummins B4.5
Potencia del motor89 kW (121 cv)
Más informaciónThe newly engineered XE155UCR builds on its reputation as one of the most sold and appreciated mid size excavators of XCMG. All systems have been designed on the basis of harmonious matching of sufficient power, hydraulic flow, versatility, low fuel consumption and mostly importantly the swing tail has been reduced to meet operations in confined spaces.

If you are looking for a tough machine from a durable brand you can trust to get your work done with efficiency, look no further than our XE155UCR. Its versatile design and innovative features delivery
the performance you expect to do various difficult jobs.

Made to do more

Multiple sizes of buckets including 0.32-0.7 m3(0.42-0.92 yd³) Earthwork Bucket,
0.52-0.7 m3 (0.68-0.92 yd³)Strengthened Bucket, and 0.52 m3 (0.68 yd³) Rock Bucket
plus increased digging force give you more options in different jobsites. Further
with a wide range of attachments, the machine has more to offer.

Safety solutions

Every XCMG excavator engineer put efforts in the design with safety in mind, and
the machine features a standard ROPS and optional OPG certified cab, rear view
and right view cameras, emergency stop, guard rails, and 3 LED working lights.
Further, anti burst valves are utilized in the boom and arm. Both the operator and
people around the machine are well protected with these features.

Optional features give you more

The XE155UCR comes with every feature that the operator would expect in the
industry. Additionally, it can always surprise you with multiple optional equipment
such as various buckets, hydraulic thumb, timber grab, hydraulic shear, scrap
shear, vibratory, etc.

Easy-to-use attachments

The self-developed multi-functional machine and attachment intelligent control
system is supporting operations such as crushing, demolition, compacting, milling,
hoisting and many more. The system supports the operator in an easy way in the
most demanding and complicated tasks.

Built to last

The robust design featuring state-of-the-art Cummins Tier 4 Final compliant
engine, Kawasaki-KPM made main pump, valve, swing motor, and reliable travel
motors, coupled with reinforced boom, arm, structural parts, and enlarged cylinders
makes the XE155UCR a reliable machine that will live up to your every expectation
during digging, breaking, grading and various applications.

Operator comfort

To ensure operator comfort, it offers a spacious cab with low noise and reduced
vibration by silicon-filled viscous mount and excellent all-round visibility. Fully
adjustable heated air suspension seat and air conditioning with climate control as
standard. The centralized control buttons and upgraded human machine interface
cost no efforts during the operations.

Precise control
The 8'' TFT LCD display has 8 attachment modes and 3 power modes and proportional
joysticks with roller switch. The operator can finish demanding tasks with
confidence and efficiency.

Powerful engine

The reliable Cummins B4.5 T4F engine delivers power and torque increased by
more than 10% while reducing emissions and fuel consumption by adopting high
pressure common-rail electronic injection system among other advanced technologies
such as DPF(Diesel Particulate Filter),DOC(Diesel Oxidation Catalyst), and
SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) to achieve less emissions of nitrogen oxide and
other harmful exhaust.

Easy maintenance

The grouped filters and centralized lubrication points for boom, arm and bucket,
easily accessed from the ground level, make daily maintenance efficient and safer
at your jobsites. And all maintenance information can be displayed and reminded
from the monitor for the operator.

Robust undercarriage

The CAE designed X-shape undercarriage enables even weight distribution,
increasing stability, durability and prevents damage from rock and debris. And
rubber track pads are available for operations in paved road constructions and
other jobs that require extra care for the ground.

Reduced tail swing radius

The ultra-short tail gyration radius makes it easier to work in confined spaces.
This machine has not only a short rear radius but also a short front turning radius.
In urban areas it's a great advantage when you only need 13 feet to turn around.

The power – Never compromise

The XE155UCR takes even the heaviest tasks with efficient, dependable performance that saves you time and money:
Our customized environmentally friendly, high-torque and high-powered engine meets Tier 4 final emission standards. The
DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), DOC (Diesel Oxidation Catalyst) and SCR technology controls
emission easily.

The new electronic positive flow hydraulic system that has fast response and good coordination matches with the
engine system in a reasonable way that minimizes fuel consumption. The non-linear power control technology is
introduced into the main pump that can reduce the light-load output flow and increase heavy-load system power,
Light load energy increases by 4% and heavy load efficiency increases by 3%.


The XE155UCR is equipped with a Cummins B4.5 engine. Famous for its
excellent fuel efficiency, reliability and long service intervals it combines exceptional
power output and high torque at low revs.
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology - combined with a Diesel Particulate
Filter (DPF) – ensures compliance with Stage V regulations.
If the engine is the heart of the excavator, the XICS (XCMG Intelligent Control
System) is its brain – providing a perfectly synchronized communication link
between the engine’ s ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and the hydraulic system.
The CANBUS (Controller Area Network) system enables a constant flow of
information between engine and hydraulic system, so that power is delivered
exactly as needed.


A choice between 3 power modes and 8 attachment modes guarantees optimum
performance under all conditions.
• Electronic control of fuel consumption.
• The auto-idle function reduces the engine speed when the controls are inactive
for a preselected amount of time or when the safety lever is switched off.
The engine will immediately return to its original selected speed when the operator
touches the controls.
• For optimum cooling, the fan speed is controlled by a viscous clutch that
results in lower fan noise with better fuel efficiency

Easy hydraulic maintenance

• 2000/4000 hours of hydraulic oil replacement (depending on the
hydraulic oil type)
• Replace the hydraulic oil return filter after 500 hours
• Replacement of the hydraulic oil suction filter element after 2000

Less engine service:

• 500 hours engine diesel filter replacement
• 500 hours engine oil and filter replacement
• The long service intervals guarantee limited downtime.

The XE155UCR cabin is designed to support increased productivity with a
spacious comfortable operator environment. The pressurized cab is ISO-certified
for your safety and offers a comfortable heated fully adjustable air-suspension
seat with several storage compartments and a clear all-round view of your
jobsite. The reduced noise and vibration levels with automatic air-conditioning/-
climate-control will make your workday more easy and comfortable.


An industry-leading Cummins engine that saves on fuel and
meets the Stage V/Tier 4 F emission regulations powers the

Advanced control technology

Ergonomic, advanced and simple-to-operate - Kawasaki's proportional
joystick delivers ultra-precise and smooth control over
all movements. The orientation of the joystick's rollers and the buttons is adjustable.

Air conditioning - The air conditioning has the function of heating and cooling. The air outlet direction can be adjusted by hand. Multiple wind speeds are also available.

Storage space - The new cab has 4 storage compartments – including a storage box for magazine/papers, and a cup holder.

Cab suspension - Even at the roughest applications where you are working, the cab's improved new suspension
system dampens and smoothens out unwanted feedback from your jobsite.
Quick coupler control
A standard quick coupler hydraulic system with pipelines lets you exchange your attachment
easily from the operator’s seat. It facilitates the most common systems.

Machine interface

All machine interfaces – including joysticks, keypad, panel, and larger
LCD monitor – are ergonomically designed for optimum control and
efficiency, resulting in increased productivity and workplace wellbeing.
The switches have been simplified and climate control is now integrated
into the keypad for easy adjustments.
• The new multi-function 8''TFT LCD monitor displays a comprehensive
range of useful technical information, allowing you to check the
machine's status and settings at a glance.
• Highly sensitive and low-effort joysticks and clear convenient
controls enable you to work smooth and safely with minimum effort for
increased comfort and efficiency.
• The newly adjustable proportional auxiliary functions support precise
and smooth control of your attachments.

Intelligent monitor

The upgraded 8''TFT monitor features a day and night display with full user
access to the machine settings and running data. Any abnormality is clearly
displayed on the screen, allowing you to work safely and confident with an
accurate overview of all conditions.
All important data can be directly monitored from the main screen.

Dynamic power management
• Activating the power boost control system increases the digging force by 8.8 %
• Auto-idling starts 4 seconds after all controls are returned to the neutral position.


Designed for long-term robustness and safety

XCMG has developed one of the most rigorous strength and reliability testing procedures,
The XCMG E-series features durability under the most extreme conditions and is therefore
one of the most popular brands in its home market.
We continually manufacture the most durable machines in order to reduce the cost of ownership.
The robust upper frame, undercarriage structure, and front attachments show their real
value in tough working conditions and guarantee higher productivity.

Reinforced durability of the X-chassis - The X-shaped undercarriage has a higher durability than demanded on the jobsite, as proven through numerous tests including road tests and virtual simulation.

Undercarriage durability with easy maintenance

• The chain is composed of sealed, self-lubricating links for long-term performance
• Long life track tensioners and the idlers
• Heavy-duty wear resistant cast sprockets
• Durable lubricated track rollers

Strengthened boom and arm

FEA has been used to calculate the best load distribution throughout the machine’ s structure. For better
protection of the base of the arm, reinforced bars have been added. The arm structure has been
strengthened for the roughest conditions.

Hi-grade (high-pressure) hoses

The E-series uses a new type of high-pressure hoses with improved heat and pressure resistance to
increase the durability of the machine.

Reinforced pin, bush, and polymer shim

The new series improved the lubricity of the connecting parts between the machine and attachments.
Gaps with attachments are minimized by wear-resistant long-life pins, bushes and polymer shims, supporting
the highest performance with invariable durability.
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Detalles - Horas de uso: 6 h, Motor: Cummins B4.5, Potencia del motor: 89 kW (121 cv)