Demag AC 45 CITY en venta - Estados Unidos

Precio sin IVA
12,726,262 MXN
599,000 USD
Precio sin IVA
12,726,262 MXN
599,000 USD
CategoríaGrúas torre
Marca / modeloDemag AC 45 CITY
LugarHolbrook, Massachusetts
Mascus ID440F7508
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Precio sin IVA12,726,262 MXN  (599,000 USD)
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Más informaciónDescription: 2019 Demag AC45 City STANDARD EQUIPMENT: CARRIER ï‚· Engine 260-4 Mercedes Tier 4F, MTU 6R1000, Diesel engine, 260 kW / 2200 1/min (348 HP), torque 1400 Nm / 1200-1600 1/min, The engine complies with Euromot 4 /Tier 4F, Exhaust system cpl. stainless steel with SCR catalyzer ï‚· Fuel Tank: Fuel tank 79 gallon Diesel (no RME/ Bio-Diesel), 10.5 gallon Tank for AdBlue ï‚· Transmission Allison automated gearbox with torque converter, 6 forward speeds and 1 reverse, 2-stage transfer case with switchable off-road gear and switchable longitudinal lock ï‚· Axles 6x4x6: 3 axles, axles 1 & 3 are driven and equipped with selectable transverse lock, All axles steered ï‚· Suspension: Hydropneumatic suspension with axle load compensation, hydraulically lockable, Manual or automatic levelling alternatively ï‚· Drive: Hydraulic system with power control, Hydraulic oil cooler ï‚· Steering: Dual circuit hydro semiblock steering with emergency steering pump, Active rear axle steering ï‚· Brakes: Pneumatic dual circuit service brake with antilock system, acting on all wheels, Disk brakes, Additional exhaust brake and constant throttle valve, spring-loaded parking brake ï‚· Wheels 385/95R25: Wheels 385/95R25 (14.00R25), steel rim 9,5-25/1,7", Bridgestone VHS 170F, instead of serial wheels ï‚· Wheel Nut Indication: Wheel nut caps with arrow enable optical check of wheel nut position ï‚· Driving Lights: Including low beams, high beams and daytime running lights ï‚· Hook Block Anchorage: A cross bar for fastening the reeved hook block during road travel ï‚· Chain Box: Open storage box for chains at carrier front in the middle ï‚· Tachograph: Display of the speed and analogue recording as per country-specific regulations ï‚· Fire Extinguisher: With holder in carrier cabin ï‚· Electronic immobilizer System: Prevents uncontrolled carrier mobilization, incl. 3 electronic keys ï‚· Pneumatic Tire Inflating Plug: Pneumatic tire inflating plug for self-inflating of the wheels ï‚· Heavy Duty Batteries: HD-Batteries for optimal battery performance even under HD usage, Suitable for cold start ï‚· Jump Starting Device: Jump starting device as per NATO standards, Enabling jump start by using separate energy source o Jumper cable NATO-Clamp 5m and 10m ï‚· Tool kit: Toolkit for light repairs and service. ï‚· Contour Safety Marking: Continuous reflective strips on the sides of the chassis and in the back ï‚· Emergency Roadside Kit: Emergency roadside kit for crane operation and for public road access of trucks according to StVZO ï‚· Stepladder: Loose stepladder for misc. Assembly work, Including transport storage ï‚· Illumination: 2x outriggers left, 2x outriggers right ï‚· Painting Demag: Duplex basecoat, topcoat in DEMAG standard, chevron warnings in red and white ï‚· Standard Acceptance: Standard Acceptance test for carrier SUPERSTRUCTURE ï‚· Telescopic Boom HA31: 25’5”-102’3”, Fully hydraulic telescoping system, Attachments for all equipment and extensions, 4 sheaves integrated in boom head for max. capacity of 45t. ï‚· Boom Luffing: 1 luffing cylinder with automatic lowering brake valve ï‚· Rotary Drive: 1 slewing gear unit with spring-loaded multi-disc brake. ï‚· Hoist 1: Hoist with spring-loaded multi-disc brake, Resolver (hoist rotation indicator) ï‚· Counterweight 5.25t: Counterweight 11,574 lbs.3 pieces, Fully roadable in 12t axle load limit ï‚· Outriggers: H-4-Point design, Vertical and horizontal movement fully hydraulic, Manual or automatic levelling alternatively, 3 outrigger bases of 7’7”, 14’4”, 20’3” o Outrigger load indicator: load indicated in the operator cab and the outrigger control box ï‚· Outrigger Pads : 4 round outrigger pads A=0,20m² with transport position at vertical cylinder, Polyamide ï‚· Outrigger Basis Monitoring: Surveillance of each outrigger beam for detection of horizontal stroke, Warning in case of anomaly in Superstructure cab (Attention: There is no automatic linkage with the LMI-system) ï‚· Control System: Enabling 4 simultaneous working movements, electric pilot controls via 2 two-axis joysticks, different control modes selectable for hydraulic circuits ï‚· Operator Aids IC-1, with integrated load moment indicator acc. EN13000, Color display, Displaying of current operating conditions, load charts, fault indicator, Signal lights indicating LMI-load, Crane data logger ï‚· Hook height indication H1: Displaying and programmability of the hook height H1 by IC-1 ï‚· Cab Superstructure: Type 0.875m, Steering wheel height and tilt adjustable, Seat heating, Tinted glass, Power mirrors with heater, Handrails, pull-down sun visor and light curtains, Radio-preparation ï‚· Engine-Independent Heating: Engine independent warm water heating with 5kW heating power ï‚· Anemometer: Disconnect able, to allow use with all extensions ï‚· Rotary Beacons: 1x covered beacons on carrier cab, 1x disconnect able on Superstructure tail ï‚· Illumination: 1x work profiled at superstructure cab ï‚· Painting Demag: Duplex basecoat, topcoat in DEMAG standard, chevron warnings in red and white ï‚· Standard Acceptance: Standard Acceptance test for carrier OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT INCLUDED: ï‚· MS (Runner): 4’3”, Variable assembly jib (runner) with manual offset, 3-sheave, Max. capacity 23.6t, Incl. bridle traverse and ramshorn hook ï‚· Hook Block 32-3-16-D, 32-3-16-D (350kg), 32 ton 3 sheave Hook block with ramshorn hook, With white red signal stripes ï‚· Hook 5-0-16E, 5-0-16-E (130kg), Single hook, Red ï‚· Single Work Floodlight: One adjustable floodlight, mounted at front of boom base section ï‚· Central Lubrication Superstructure: Central auto lube for all lubrication points ï‚· Radio with CD player with USB input, Aux-in and Bluetooth connection ï‚· Air-condition for carrier cab with 7kW rated cooling capacity ï‚· Axle load display on screen in the carrier cabin ï‚· Rear view camera: display in driver’s cab, cameras installed on rear of vehicle ï‚· Superstructure rear camera: Camera covers the crane's entire rear area behind the counterweight, ï‚· Blind Spot Camera: Camera covers the crane's blind spot on the right, ï‚· IC-1 Plus (Asymmetric Outrigger Positioning) Calculation of lifting capacity subject to outrigger base and slewing angle of superstructure, infinite outrigger positioning possible ï‚· Battery Disconnecting Switch: Battery disconnecting switch for disconnection of the voltage source and the on-board power supply ï‚· Wheels 385/95R25 (14.00R25), steel rim 9,5-25/1,7", Bridgestone VHS 170F, instead of serial wheels ï‚· 5m long jumper cable NATO-plug & battery clamp, adequate for use with any external power supply e.g. batteries ï‚· 10m long jumper cable with both-sided NATO-plug, adequate for use with any jump starting device with NATO-plugs ï‚· Tool kit: Toolkit for light repairs and service. Garage Kept 1,500 Hours 10,000 Miles Located in Boston, MA $599,000 Immediately Available Call Empire Crane for a quote & more information!
Airconditioning: 1
Forwardspeed: 6
Heater: 1
Reversespeed: 2
Ropstype: Enclosed
Transmission: Powershift
Boomsize: 102
Enginerebuilt: 0
Outriggers: 1
Transmissionrebuilt: 0

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    Empire Crane Co., LLC
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      Por favor, dígale al vendedor que encontró su máquina en venta en Mascus"
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