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Marca / modeloZoomlion ZCC1100H
Año de fabricación2018
Ubicación de la máquinaTulsa, Oklahoma
Estados Unidos
Mascus IDD93E8B98
Precio sin IVAPOA
Más informaciónDescription: One (1) New Zoomlion Hydraulic Crawler Crane model ZCC1100H (110 ton US) complete.
With standard options including:
Warranty: 1 year Factory Warranty
Technical Description:
Engine: Cummins QSL9-280 Inline 6-cylinder intercooled turbo diesel.
• Maximum Kilowatts (hp) 209 (280) ... 2100 rpm.
• Maximum Torque—Nm (ft-lb) - 1424 (1050) ... 1500 rpm.
• 106 gal. Fuel tank capacity.
• US EPA / California ARB / Euro EU Tier 3 emission rating.

Electrical System & Controls
Boom, Swing, Main and Auxiliary Winch functions are controlled with multi-axis joystick controls, which
Are also used to control left and right tracks for driving.
• Zoomlion employs a PLC control system with CAN –Bus communications to ensure complete system
Functionality and easy diagnostics.
• Large, color display in the cab reports system functions and is used for diagnostics.
• 24 volt system powered by 2-120 Amp-Hr batteries.

Hydraulic System:
• Hydraulic system begins with 3 variable displacement pumps for all main functions and two gears
Pumps for the hydraulic cooler, brakes and hydraulic controls.
• Maximum working pressure = 33 MPa (4800 psi).
• Total hydraulic system flow = 734 liter/min (194 gpm).
• Hydraulic Tank Capacity = 580 liter (153 gal).

• Standard two speed main and auxiliary winches, each with planetary reduction and spring applied,
Multiple disk wet brake.
• Each winch features:

• Grooved drum lagging.
• Maximum Permissible Line Pull – 14,200 kg (31,300 lb.).
The• Maximum Line Speed (6 Layer) – 129.5 m/min (425 ft. /min).
• Rope length – 220 m (722’) main, 170 m (558’) aux.
• Power up / power down.
• Rope construction – 26 mm (1.02”) rotation resistant, compacted strand.
• Derricking Winch Specifications:
• Maximum Permissible Line Pull – 7,240 kg (16,000 lb.).
• Maximum Line Speed (4th Layer) – 61 m/min (200 ft. /min).
• Rope length – 150 m (492’).
• Rope diameter – 20 mm (0.78”).

• Bi-directional hydraulic swing drive with multi-disc wet brake and planetary reduction gearbox.
Spring-applied hydraulically released swing brake and 360° pneumatic positive swing lock.
• Maximum swing speed = 2 rpm.

• Superstructure counterweights consist of 6 – 3.86t (8500 lb.) counterweight slabs and one tray
For a total of 27.9t (61,470 lb.).
• 2-5t (22000 lb.) carbody counterweights are also included.

• Full-vision operator cab designed for maximum comfort. All steel fabrication with acoustical lining
And tinted safety glass throughout. The cab has a sliding door on the left and a sliding window on
The right with a swing-up skylight, retractable shade and wiper. Fully adjustable deluxe seat with tilt.
• Temperature control is provided by a heater / air conditioning unit located in the rear of the cab.
Easy view dashboard with large display for all gauges, engine sensors and diagnostics. Right side
Console features all switches for crane and driving functions. Standard amenities also include dome
Light, left-side rearview mirror, seat belt, signal horn, radio, sun visor & fan.

• PAT Hirschmann LMI control system and graphic display load moment and anti-two block system
With audio-visual warning and function limiter.
• System displays the following information: crane configuration, boom length, boom angle, load radius,
Allowed capacity, actual load, and load percentage of allowed capacity.
• System includes settable work parameters: min. /max. Boom length, min. /max. Boom angle, defined
Swing area.

• Carbody and track frame weldments made of high quality steel for rigidity in lifting and travel.
• Track frames extend and retract hydraulically.
• 2-speed Drive motors are Rexroth brand for high reliability and durability. Maximum travel speed
= 1.26 km/hr. (0.78 mph).
• Maximum gradeability = 30°.

Main Boom:
• Welded, tubular construction using high strength steel.
• Boom sections are pinned with positive lock pins.
• Basic boom length (base and tip sections) is 13 m (43’).
• Additional boom sections are 3m, 6m and 9m (10’, 20’ and 30’) for a maximum boom length of 67m

Fixed Jib:
• Optional fixed jib is welded, tubular construction using high strength steel.
• Jib sections are pinned with positive lock pins.
• Jib length can be varied from 6m (20’) to 18m (60’).
• Jib offsets are 10° and 30°.
• Maximum boom length with maximum boom and 18m jib = 73m (240’).

Other Options:
Main Boom: 220’
SF-Fixed Jib: 59’
100t (5) sheave, anti-unhook device
50t (3) sheave, anti-unhook device
30t (3) sheave, anti-unhook device
Inventory Location: CraneCo Crane Sales

CraneCo Crane Sales Inc.

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    CraneCo Crane Sales Inc.
    • +1 9...MOSTRAR
      Por favor, dígale al vendedor que encontró su máquina en venta en Mascus"
    • +1 9...MOSTRAR
      Por favor, dígale al vendedor que encontró su máquina en venta en Mascus"
    • +1 9...MOSTRAR
      Por favor, dígale al vendedor que encontró su máquina en venta en Mascus"
    • 4601 West 61st, Tulsa OK 74132, Estados Unidos



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