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Grupo de productosPlataformas y cucharones
Marca / modeloSany SCA800TB
Año de fabricación2020
Ubicación de la máquinaTulsa, Oklahoma
Mascus ID7AFFC94A
Precio sin IVAPOA
Número de serieNEW
Más informaciónDescription: Two (2) 2020 New Sany Hydraulic Telescopic Crawler Crane model SCC800TB
(88-ton US) Plus 3-Year Factory Warranty!!!!! Save Thousands on Price,
Complete with standard options including:

• Max. rated capacity: 80mt 88 US ton
• Boom: The boom is made of high-strength steel structure with U-shape Section area,
With five sections, of which the basic boom is 40'(12.2m) and the max. length is
154'2"(47m), dual cylinder full power rope row telescoping.
• Jib: 17.5 meters 57’.4” feet offset 0,15,30 degree
• Auxiliary Main Boom Nose
• Hoist: Main & Auxiliary
• LMI System: Integrated LMI control system LMI control system is standard offering
And It is calibration-free, it ensures the operation safety and improves efficiency.
LMI system can automatically detect the load weight, working radius and boom
Angle, to compare with rated load weight and actual load, work radius and boom
Angle. In normal operation, it can make judgment and cut off the actions towards
Dangerous directions. It also acts as black box to record overload information
Composition: monitor, controller, length and angle sensor pressure sensor.
• Block: 80t 5-Sheave
• Ball: 8t
• Engine: Model: Cummins L9-C325 242KW, Stage V, Type: 4 cycle, water-cooled,
Vertical in-line 6, direct injection, turbo-charger, intercooler, complied with
European Off-way stage V Emission standard, displacement: 2.4Gal (8.9L).
Rated power: 242kW/1800rpm, operation power: 242kW/1800rpm, Max.
Torque: 1527N.m/1500rpm

• Level System: The machine can still lift at 4° Out-of-Level, no need for special
Efforts to level the ground, Powerful U-shape boom, chassis and rotating bed
Ensure the strong capacity even with a side load, Load charts out-of-level can
Be selected manually or automatically based on road conditions.
• Intelligent Control System: Smart safety control provides virtual wall protection for
Operation safety, Intelligent diagnosis and remote monitoring based on CAN
Bus can upgrade the program remotely and know the operation anytime
Anywhere, The engine and hydraulic system match with each other
Automatically to fully utilize the engine power and largely increase the work
• Work Upon Arrival, Quick and Easy: Transport with whole machine, ready to work
Right off the trailer, travel with load and reach the position as speedy.
• Counterweight: Removable for Transport Counterweight are designed into blocks for
Self-assembly and easier transport, counterweight tray and blocks are piled up
For easier assembly and transport, rear counterweight: total 56.3Klb(26t) and
Capable of self-assembly, carbody counterweight: 6.6Klb×2(3t×2) at the front
And rear of carbody
• Crawler extension and retraction the crawlers can extend and retract under high
Pressure provided by auxiliary system and electrically controlled cylinder.
During normal operation, the crawlers must be extended, and can be retracted
During transport to stay on the machine
• Cab and control novel operator's cab are bright with ample space, providing wider view
And can tilt 20°. There are low and high-beam lights, back-view mirror, heater and
A/C, radio and other functions. the layout of seat, handles, control buttons are
Designed with ergonomic principles to make operation more comfortable
Cab layout: Integrated 10.4-inch touch screen, programmable smart switches,
Vibration handles are offered as optional and man-machine interaction interface
Are more perfect, armrest box: on the left and right armrest box are control
Handles, electrical switches, emergent stop and ignition switch, the armrest box
Can be adjusted along with the seat, seat: multi-way and multi-level floating
Adjustable seat with unload switch, A/C: cool and heat air; optimized air channels
And vents, multiple cameras can be presented on the monitor at the same time to
Realize real-time monitoring of wire rope on each winch, conditions behind the
Counterweight and surrounding the machine.
• Paint Custom: Paint Yellow parts White and leave all other the Same Factory Colors
• Warranty: 3-year 3,000-hour Factory Warranty
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    CraneCo Crane Sales Inc.
    • +1 9...MOSTRAR
      Por favor, dígale al vendedor que encontró su máquina en venta en Mascus"
    • +1 9...MOSTRAR
      Por favor, dígale al vendedor que encontró su máquina en venta en Mascus"
    • +1 9...MOSTRAR
      Por favor, dígale al vendedor que encontró su máquina en venta en Mascus"
    • 4601 West 61st, Tulsa OK 74132, Estados Unidos



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