Dobit d.o.o.

Limbuška ceta 2, Industrijsko obrtna cona Marles
2341 Limbuš
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Servicios de la compañía por Dobit d.o.o.

  • Maquinaria usada
  • Maquinaria nueva
  • Reparación

Marcas representadas

  • Viličarji elektro-dizel

Descripción de la empresa

DOBIT d.o.o. is a reliable partner for the supply of transport and lifting devices, which includes forklifts (front, side 4-way, manual ...), lift trucks, cranes, lifting tables, jacks, winches and many other aerial devices and accessories for industry and trade, warehouses, engineering, ...
In addition, we provide for the needs of the industry including mammals and other cleaning machines.
We offer high-quality global brands from various fields, who provide high quality and meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients.
The objective that we have set ourselves is to provide high quality and short delivery times to its customers with competitive payment terms. With its customers and other business partners want to build a long-term partnership, taking into account the mutual needs and desires. Among the fundamental objectives of our company is also maintaining its market share on the Slovenian market.
We are aware that without effective solutions, continuous learning and adaptation to our customers, not the company's development. The quality of business and the commitment and responsibility of employees, understood as the foundation for the development and performance in the future.

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      Palabras clave

      • elektro viličar dizel viličar
      • rabljen dizel elektro viličar
      • nov rabljen čistilni stroj
      • industrijski sesalec
      • forklift used forklifts

      Esta es la página de la compañía Dobit d.o.o. localizada en Eslovenia, Podravska, Limbuš.

      La empresa presta servicios de: maquinaria usada, maquinaria nueva y reparación.

      Dobit d.o.o. representa a las marcas: Viličarji elektro-dizel.

      La compañía se especializa en elektro viličar dizel viličar, rabljen dizel elektro viličar, nov rabljen čistilni stroj, industrijski sesalec, forklift used forklifts.