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3100 Frosinone
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Servicios de la compañía por FGM srl

  • Maquinaria usada
  • Maquinaria nueva
  • Alquiler
  • Transporte
  • Tasación
  • Consultora

Descripción de la empresa

FGM was founded in 1964 when its first working station for the repair and personalized set up of industrial vehicles was opened. Over 50 years of accumulated experience into mechanical working operations, design, development, manufacturing and sales of trailers and semitrailers make of us a reliable partner. Since 1982 the trailers division have been supported by the creation of the sheet metal manufacturing division. Nowadays FGM is part of the OCM Group a network of companies that operate mostly in to the metal mechanic and electro-mechanical industry with annual sales of 70 Mln of Euro. The group offers metal, plastic and copper components that are realized by a wide range of mechanical working activities that are then supported by logistic and assembly services. The main core business is to provide integrated products & services to the customer from both mature countries (Italy) and NEC countries (Bulgaria). This integrated business model will assure to the client an impressive cost reduction over the entire supply chain process since the production of general mechanical working activities, assembly and logistic services are made under one roof.

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      La empresa presta servicios de: maquinaria usada, maquinaria nueva, alquiler, transporte, tasación y consultora.