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I am glad to be able to present you in this way to GIPO AG from Switzerland
GIPO AG is a renowned and world renowned manufacturer of crushing, separating and recycling mineral resources.

GIPO has always set benchmarks in the field of preparation and processing of mineral raw materials for the production of: concrete, asphalt, drilling rigs, tampon materials for road construction and recycling.
Since the time of the first GIPO machine more than thirty years ago, mobile crashing has become increasingly important.

There are two main reasons for this:
a) What was previously seen in quarries and pebbles only with static processing plants today is increasingly being done by mobile crushers. The machine is so on the spot when it really is needed.
b) Due to the increasing need for recycling of concrete, asphalt, etc., and the return of hardwood material to construction projects, mobile dredging plants have become the most effective and most economical solutions in the field of building material management: the deposit of stone is saved and expensive storage and transport become a past.

As Swiss pioneers in this area, our engineers have made a decisive contribution to the creation and further development of components and types of mineral processing raw materials processing and recycling plants.
GIPOCOMBI is one of the latest achievements. Combi crusher and
Slices in one plant bring significant benefits in terms of location, environment and costs.
GIPO plants are used throughout the world for the most demanding projects.
They are distinguished by valuable components, the diesel-hydraulic drive concept and proven longevity.
The latest technical achievements are built on our machines in the fastest and shortest possible time.

In the shortest possible time I can supply spare and friable parts for crushers and separators:
impact beams, jaws, screens, rubber strips and all other quarry and recycling equipment.

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