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We entered the industry as an engine repair company in a small workshop in 1980s. With the experience and knowledge cultivated in the fist years spent in the engine industry, we started production of crankshafts and later on pistons & liners. Today GL extended its production and began producing additional engine cores. Now the company carries production of crankshafts, pistons & liners, camshafts, valves and con-rods in its product portfolio.


GL brand represents the group of companies, which has been professionalized in the manufacture of quality engine parts over 18 years in Turkey. The primary focus is the manufacture of medium and large bore engine spare parts for various brands and models.
We offer spare parts to be used in large bore diesel, gas and dual fuel engines.

Application areas are:

• Power Plants / Generators
• Oil & Gas industry
•Marine engines
•Industrial engines
•Military engines
•Mining & Construction machines

Besides, we are able to manufacture different size and types of spare parts upon special request.

Quality Standards

GL products are manufactured with high quality raw materials which are approved to be the premium in the engine industry. Every single product is inspected at the quality check department and goes through about 20 steps before receiving quality approval. We implement ISO 9001:2008, ISO / TS 16949:2009, Turkish Lloyd, quality management system.


With professional team work, years of experience and the “just in time” customer support we serve our customers efficiently.


Our main aim is to make the GL brand well known for its quality and customer support worldwide. We want to be the first company to come to mind when a need arises for an engine spare part in any part of the world..

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