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Rotational hydraulic grapples are used in construction of stone retaining walls (along roads, river channels, torrents or coastlines).
The grapples are also suitable for mud avalanche rehabilitation and perform exceptionally well in removal of earthquake ruins.

Their particularity and their advantage – which is a highly complex solution to a technical problem – is that they can freely rotate in any direction so they can reach any vertical or horizontal angle regardless of the backhoe loader position. In other words, the first part of the grapples rotates unrestrictedly in both directions, the second part of the grapples can form a 100° bend and finally, the lower part of the grapples with three claws rotates freely in both directions.

The advantage or rotational hydraulic grapples are as follows:

* considerably faster work,
* better performance,
* improved precision and quality and above all
* improved safety at work

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      • hydraulic grapple
      • Rotierend hydraulische Greifer
      • RoboHand 16-22
      • rotacijske hidravlične klešče
      • hidraulične škare klešče

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