JPH Equipment - Lethbridge, AB

2- 3805 14 Ave N
Lethbridge, Alberta T1H 6Y6
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Let’s create a strategy where fleet management is simple, you work hard and carefully plan every project you do. We want to add to that when it comes time for you to sell your equipment, let us work with you to create a fleet management strategy that fits your needs.

We buy and sell heavy equipment in partnership with our customers. By gathering all the necessary information on the equipment, we can properly represent the equipment while freeing you to do what you do best, manage your business! We make the sales process simple, eliminating tire kickers, fraudsters and general time wasters. 85% of our customers buy without ever physically looking at the machines. Once we find a qualified buyer, we can either involve you in final stages or complete the entire process ourselves and only contact you with payment. We quote “all inclusive to the door delivery” and often do customs documentation and transport arrangements/scheduling for our customers.

We encourage all equipment advertised on our website, as we are the community’s website for sharing with your neighbors both local and worldwide what you would be willing to sell.

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