Maes Hoogwerkers

Boudewijnlaan 5
2243 Pulle
(Región: Antwerpen)
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Servicios de la compañía por Maes Hoogwerkers

  • Maquinaria usada
  • Maquinaria nueva
  • Alquiler
  • Reparación

Marcas representadas

  • Palifinger Bronto Comilev

Descripción de la empresa


Maes Hoogwerkers was established in 1976 by Albert Maes and Lieve Winkelmans.
Initially, the founders were operating a company specialised in hanging festive lights. Yet, climbing up and down stepladders was not only time-consuming but also damaging to the knees.
In fact, those were the reasons why a first lifting platform was purchased. Hanging festive lighting is an activity that only takes place in November, December and January. As a result, the cherry picker could be hired out during the other months of the year.
This was the premise to a huge growth.

Ever since its inception, Maes Hoogwerkers has played a pioneering role in the development of truck-mounted cherry pickers. Already back in 1989, the company worked in cooperation with the Italian manufacturer to develop a 65 metre cherry-picker.
Last year Maes Hoogwerkers started using a cherry-picker capable of reaching a height of 103 metres. The company specialises in high-range equipment. .

Over the years, Maes Hoogwerkers has given birth to various companies. And together with these other companies, we aim to work closely together with our customers and offer them custom-made solutions

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      La empresa presta servicios de: maquinaria usada, maquinaria nueva, alquiler y reparación.

      Maes Hoogwerkers representa a las marcas: Palifinger Bronto Comilev.