Street sweeper TALEX ECO CLEAN ZM-2300 KEHRMASCHIN en venta - Polonia

Precio sin IVA
106,162 MXN
20,000 PLN
Precio sin IVA
106,162 MXN
20,000 PLN
Grupo de productosBarredoras
Marca / modeloStreet sweeper TALEX ECO CLEAN ZM-2300 KEHRMASCHIN
Año de fabricación2018
Ubicación de la máquinaPolen
Mascus ID278C65AA
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Precio sin IVA106,162 MXN  (20,000 PLN)
IVA (23%)24,417 MXN
Precio con IVA130,579 MXN  (24,600 PLN)
Potencia del motor14 kW (19 cv)
ManipularEquipo de arrastre manual
AccesoriosLavado a alta presión, Barredora rotativa
Más informaciónI will sell a sweeper TALEX ECO CLEAN ZM-2300

The device is designed to remove impurities formed on all hardened surfaces such as construction sites, car parks, roads.
It also works in agriculture, communal etc. etc.

Brand: TALEX
Type / variant / version: ZM-2300
Production year: 2018'
Date of manufacture: 21-03-2018'
Drive: gerotor-industrial engine
Hydraulic capacity of the supporting vehicle: 20-60l / min
Main sweeping roller (diameter): 510mm
Rotational speed of the sweeping roller: recommended 100-max 150 rpm
Spraying installation: 175L water tank, external filter, 12 / 24V pump

Working width 2300 mm
Working width at an inclination of 15 st 2235 mm
Total machine width 2555 mm
Overall machine width + side brush 2965 mm
Total height of the machine is 835 mm
Total height of the machine + water tank 1195 mm

Total weight of the machine without additional equipment 330 kg
The weight of the tank is 100 kg
Pollution tank capacity (estimated) 200 L
Weight of the side brush 25 kg
Weight of sprinkling system 45 kg
Additional weight of the filled pollution tank (filled in 70%) 213 kg

Basic equipment:

- Mounting instrumentation in the form of an assembly frame with the ADAPTER EURO machine
- Sweeping roller Ø 510 mm. / brush with an admixture of wire (PPN + wire)
- Wheels Ø 200x50 mm (aluminum rim)
- The "swimming" system prevents the so-called "pressing the machine into the ground" most often when working on unevenness or when lowering the machine to the working position
- Adjustable road wheels
- Hydraulic drive with industrial (gerotor) engine 14 KW
- The gland system, i.e. starting the brush as well as all other activities (emptying and closing the bathtub), takes place gently and smoothly
- - Handles and attachments for retrofitting the sweeper
- The equipment has a guarantee and a B and CE safety mark
- Operating instructions (DTR) with guaranteed availability of spare parts

Additional equipment:

- Cast iron / polyurethane reinforced type wheels with a swivel casing, type SE, size 200
- Sprinkling system, i.e. sprinkler installation
- Hydraulic tank
- Rubber apron
- Right side brush Ø 650mm (mixed - PNN + wire) thanks to which the machine can also remove dirt from under curbs, it is mounted in a way that allows you to tilt and return to its original state when you hit an obstacle, eg a curb
- Attachment to the Schaeff 834 ADAPTER wheel loader
- Hydraulic adjustment of the working angle, which allows you to set the brush to an angle of 15 *
- A pressure regulation valve that allows you to cut off the side brush (if necessary) without having to disassemble it

The invoice will be issued on the sweeper

I encourage you to watch after making an appointment !!!

Interested please contact :
Kuba +48 607 355 953
Darek +48 604 286 125

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      Por favor, dígale al vendedor que encontró su máquina en venta en Mascus"
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      Por favor, dígale al vendedor que encontró su máquina en venta en Mascus"
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