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Goriška cesta 57
Ajdovščina 5270
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We have been metalworkers for almost 30 years. By obtaining the certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, we prove that we have an orderly quality management system and we care about the environment.

Road safety, noise and anti-wind fences are our specialty, and in recent years we have also been manufacturing heavier metal structures such as catwalks and bridges. We make the elements for road fences ourselves, and we also offer other equipment that is absolutely necessary to keep the roads safe for all involved. We produce profiles for drywall construction, as well as semi-finished products for well-known European manufacturers of agricultural machinery. In a well-equipped metal workshop, we are able to manufacture other various products, we offer laser cutting, bending and robotic welding.

There are 80 employees and we have a wealth of experience, so we are definitely experts in the work we do. Because we make the products ourselves, they are also cheaper as they are not upgraded by additional margins.

We are innovative, flexible and efficient; above all, reliable, which we have proven many times to our business partners and we trust that we will continue to tackle the challenges of everyday life together.

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