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Pon Equipment A/S, Denmark

Continuity prevails despite 40 years and 4 different owners

Pon Equipment Denmark has a long and exciting history; in fact we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary in August 2007 and have by then had four different owners with three different nationalities.

Erik Nielsen founded the Danish company in 1967. The founding father used his own initials, added “Machine Co” and named the company Enmaco A/S.

In 1990 Enmaco was acquired by the Swedish distribution company Engson and then separated into two companies: Enmaco Maskiner A/S and Enmaco Motorer A/S, which later was to be known as Pon Equipment and Pon Power respectively.

Enmaco didn’t stay on Swedish hands for long before Engson incl. Enmaco in 1992 was acquired by Geveke — a Dutch company. Finally in 2003 Geveke incl. Enmaco was acquired by Pon Holdings and albeit the new owner the company remained under Dutch ownership.

Despite the different owners some things haven’t changed throughout the years: the dedication to the Caterpillar products as well as our belief in reliability, assiduity and long-term customer relationships as the foundation for how we do business.

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