Prelog KM d.o.o.

Frana Kovačiča 10
9241 Veržej
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  • Maquinaria usada
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  • Reparación

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  • Prelog

Descripción de la empresa

Company Prelog KM has been developed on the basis of more than eighty-year tradition of family tradition. The basic part of Smitheries was designed and oriented to agriculture.

In the early beginnings (l. 1927), these were simpler machines, as well as making the necessary spare parts.

Past experience in the field of agricultural machinery, in particular, hard work in the field of development, has enabled us that we are in a short period with the help of local experts, developed a range of agricultural machinery for soil cultivation.

Thus, this tradition was continued, and now we produce high quality machines to agriculture.

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    Palabras clave

    • strniščni plug
    • Kürbisschild klapbar
    • Gruber mit Saatmaschine
    • Podrahljač
    • okopalnik
    • polirni stroj za semena
    • plug
    • Gruber vorne Tief Gruber
    • Sadjarski podrahljač
    • Predsetveniki

    Esta es la página de la compañía Prelog KM d.o.o. localizada en Eslovenia, Pomurska, Veržej.

    La empresa presta servicios de: maquinaria usada, maquinaria nueva y reparación.

    Prelog KM d.o.o. representa a las marcas: Prelog.

    La compañía se especializa en strniščni plug, Kürbisschild klapbar, Gruber mit Saatmaschine, Podrahljač, okopalnik, polirni stroj za semena, plug, Gruber vorne Tief Gruber, Sadjarski podrahljač, Predsetveniki.