Manac LEGEND STEEL DROP en venta - Estados Unidos

Precio sin IVA
809,951 MXN
46,500 USD
Precio sin IVA
809,951 MXN
46,500 USD


CategoríaPlataformas bajas
Marca / modeloManac LEGEND STEEL DROP
LugarLilburn, Georgia
Mascus IDA125EAA2


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Precio sin IVA809,951 MXN  (46,500 USD)
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Más informaciónDescription: $46,500 including FET In stock, ready to go! (2) Units available DIMENSIONS LENGTH 48'-0" WIDTH 102", 97" between side rails. HEIGHT Floor, approximately 59" high at front and 41" at the bumper. DROP HEIGHT 20", located at 10'-6" from front. COUPLING COUPLER PLATE 1/4", 80 000 psi steel, plug welded structure. KING PIN LOCATION 18" from front. COUPLER HEIGHT 48" STRUCTURE 44" c/c frame with "CAMBER". FLANGES 3/8" x 5", 100 000 psi steel, goose neck section. 1/2" x 5", high tensile, 24" high in center and 16 1/2" above suspension. WEB 1/4" plate in king pin area and the remaining in 3/16", 80 000 psi steel. 24" high, with holes, parachute shaped, to lighten trailer. GOOSENECK 11 1/4" high, 48" straight behind king pin. CROSSMEMBERS I beams, 4" ... 3.2 lbs/ft, 80 000 psi steel, galvanised, 16" c/c in gooseneck and the remaining 12" c/c. FLOOR Apitong or equivalent, 1 1/8" thick shiplap finished, no preservative. FLOOR FASTENING Screws. SIDE RAILS 10 gauge shaped 80 000 psi steel, 5" width x 5 11/16" height. SIDE BOXES 3/16" steel plate, 1 5/8" x 3 5/8" interior, 4" high, (USA Dimensions). Cargo pockets. RUB RAILS 3/8" x 2 1/2" shaped steel. CORNERS Bevelled. FENDERS Reinforcement over tires at rear, steel tubing structure, galvanized (G164), floor full length. KNEE BRACES 3/16" formed steel plates, galvanized (G164), bolted in web and a crossmembers located each side. X BRACES Between main beams, full length. ENDS FRONT RAIL Formed steel, bolted. BUMPER CMVSS 223-RIG approved (in accordance with Canada & USA regulation). Galvanized (G164) steel, bolted uprights to frames, 4" x 4" cross bar formed tubing at a maximum height of 22" from under tubing to ground. POCKETS 2 bolted galvanised pockets at front for removable headboard. BUMPER 2 rubber dock, at the end of rear rail. REAR RAIL Formed steel FLASHERS Sealed beams LED, one lamp including side marker and flasher, each side at middle point, amber BOGIE BASIC MECHANICAL BOGIE Fixed, for tandem 122" spread MECHANICAL (GROUND AXLES) SUSPENSION Hendrickson INTRAAX AANL-23K (6.5), tandem. N.B.: Winged suspension bracket. For axles with bearings HM 218248 and HM 212049. SPRINGS Air. AXLE(S) LDA, 5 3/4" diameter, 23 000 lbs. capacity. CAM SHAFTS 28 splines with enclosures, 10" long. TRACK 77 1/2". DUST SHIELDS None (Intraax axles). BRAKES 16 1/2" standard, long life H20-HXS Hendrickson lining. BEARINGS HM 218248 and HM 212049. SLACK ADJUSTERS Meritor, automatic, 28 splines. SEALS Stemco, "Guardian" type, with "Gearlube" mineral oil, SAE 80W90. BRAKE CHAMBERS T.S.E. brake, "Omnibrake" (30-30), (push rod 9 3/4"). (4 years warranty by T.S.E. for parts only). HUBS AND DRUMS 10 stud disc hubs, balanced drums outboard mount, 285.75mm B.C., single flange nuts. For dual aluminum wheels. RIMS 22.5 x 8.25, disc (10 holes), 285.75mm B.C., single flange nuts, 2 hand holes. TIRES General, 255/70 R 22.5 HT 16 ply (36.6") AIR SYSTEM GLAD HANDS Fixed. AIR VALVES Meritor Wabco, ABS, 2 sensors 1 modulator. VALVE(S) Automatic blow down valve, WITHOUT control box
Length: 576.000000000000
Quantity: 1
Suspension: Air Ride
Axle: Tandem
Composition: Steel
Blackburn Truck Equipment
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    Por favor, dígale al vendedor que encontró su máquina en venta en Mascus"
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    Blackburn Truck Equipment
    • +1 7...MOSTRAR
      Por favor, dígale al vendedor que encontró su máquina en venta en Mascus"
    • 293 Luxomni Rd, Lilburn GA 30047, Estados Unidos



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