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22/1 P. Sagaidachnogo Str., 3 floor
04070 Kiev
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Descripción de la empresa

UniCredit Leasing LLC is a leading European leasing company that is a daughter company of UniCredit Group. Being a part of UniCredit Group, which is the leading European banking group, means it has the credibility, international experience and ability to improve the range of financial services offered to clients. UniCredit Group acts in 22 countries and it has 10 200 branches where 166 000 employees work who serve more than 40 million clients.
UniCredit Leasing LLC offers a financial leasing of technique, equipment, cars, commercial vehicle and commercial real estate, and also the company finances and sells equipment and vehicle from its stock.
Advantages of financial leasing:

• The Leasing object is accounted on the balance of the Lessee, depreciation is counted on it, that reduces income tax.
• Leasing interest and commissions belong to gross cost in corpore.
• The Lessee gets a tax credit on the whole value of the Leasing object.
For the detailed information about terms and conditions of leasing, please, contact the specialists of UniCredit Leasing LLC


UniCredit Leasing LLC
22/1 Sagaidachnogo Str., floor 3, Kyiv, 04070, Ukraine
Tel.: +38 044 590 1496
Fax: +38 044 590 0211

Regional representative of UniCredit Leasing LLC
1, Barykadna Str., Dnipropetrovsk, 49000
Tel. +38 056 770-2192

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