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VALART is a Portuguese metalomechanical located at Albergaria-a-Velha, district of Aveiro. It is located in the IC2 (Oporto - Lisbon road), at the 251,7 km.

Using the very latest tecnologies - CAD/FEM/CAM systems. We design, manufacture, market and service, charge and discharge equipments:
- Sideloaders for self loading containers on truck and trailers from 20´ to 48´.
- Road tanks for transport of bulk powder materials - cement, cereals, alimentary products, animals food, sugar, granulated plastics and PVC.
- Forestry and industrial hydraulic cranes. Designed in agreement with the DIN 15018 standard.
- Special semi-trailers
- Special hydraulic equipments like multi-lift, multi-containers, scrap presses.
- All kind of transportation and hydraulic equipment service
- We are prepared for the design and construction of other capacities and types of equipments and according to other internationally renown Codes, thats combines cechanical with hydraulic technology that can be commanded by manual, electrical or pneumatic processes.
- Founded in 1978 by two technical engineers Mr. Coutinho, Valdemar and Mr. Martins, Artur.
- We are the only portuguese company to produce hydraulic cranes for mounting on trucks and agricole / forestry tractors.
- Since July 1996 VALART has it´s Quality System certified by the NP EN ISO 9002 standard.
- The company has a surface of 10.000 m2, 5.000 of which are covered.
- We have a continuous plan to give to the employees many formation/qualification actions, with the "I.S.Q." (Welding and Quality Institute) and the "I.E.F.P." (Institute for Employement and Professional Formation).

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