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  • Locust

Descripción de la empresa


Our company , Vertikum Producing and Trade Ltd, and our predecessor in title posses more than 35 years producing and trade past.

The structure of the agricultural machine producing and the repair industry of our company was built in the beginning of 1970 years. The company located in Nagykőrös developed to a national importance business base

Verikum Ltd. particularly specialized to produce agricultural machines. At present Vertikum Ltd is one of the most important inland agricultural, tilling machines producer company. We offer a soil saving technology by the continously developed products.

The Vertikum marked spade-harrows, seed-bed makers with rolling elements, heavy cultivators, combinators and compactors are well known and popular in Hungary, and in the European market, too.

The succes thanks not only to the good quality and usability, but that our machines meet the environmentally sound soil tilling requirements. The used increased quality raw materials ensure long life to our products.

We are taking care of the product development, modernization, and the satisfaction of the farmers requirement.

One of the most important activities of the company besides the agricultural machine production is the repairing and servicing of the machines (loaders, tractors) and vechicles.

We are trading Lamborghini and MTZ tractors and LOCUST loaders, so we expanded our service activity with servicing and reparation of these machine-types.

In 2008 there was a change in the palette of the traded machines, it was enlarged with the family of DIECI industrial telescopic loaders and PALAZZANI excavator loaders and with the used LAMBORGHINI, MTZ and other brand tractors.

Thanks to severel year experience the above mentioned machine repaires, the spare parts supply – thanks to the skillfull staff – is also well tried activity.

We not only sell, we offer and supply a new technology.

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      Esta es la página de la compañía VERTIKUM Kft. localizada en Hungría, Bács-Kiskun, Nagykőrös.

      La empresa presta servicios de: maquinaria usada, maquinaria nueva, reparación, piezas de repuesto, accesorios y tasación.

      VERTIKUM Kft. representa a las marcas: Locust.

      La compañía se especializa en mezőgazdasági gépek, agricultural machinery, masini agricole, Сельхозтехника, Poľnohospodárske stroje.