Pronar T 654/2 en venta - Polonia

Precio sin IVA
175,720 MXN
7,500 EUR
Precio sin IVA
175,720 MXN
7,500 EUR
CategoríaRemolques con caja de volteo
Marca / modeloPronar T 654/2
Opciones extrasNuevo/sin usar
Mascus IDF185029C
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Precio sin IVA175,720 MXN  (7,500 EUR)
IVA (23%)40,416 MXN
Precio con IVA216,136 MXN  (9,225 EUR)
Calificación general (de 1 a 5)
Peso bruto6,100 kg
Dimensiones del espacio de carga (LxCxA)3.5 x 1.8 x 1 m
Dimensiones de transporte (LaxAnxAl)4960 x 1990 x 1430
País de fabricaciónPolonia
Capacidad máx. de carga6.40 m3
Accesoriosinstalacja 2 przewodowa
burty 500+500mm
koła 11.5/80-15.3
Más informaciónThe trailer Pronar T654 / 2 is a single axle trailer with a three-way tipping system. Intended for the transport of all materials, it is widely used in agriculture (both for the transport of corn, green mass or root crops), in the municipal sector (removal of pollutants resulting from cleaning parks, green belts or bicycle paths), in horticulture (transport of crates in orchards between rows of trees and shrubs) and other sectors of the economy.

Technical data and accessories:

Model: T 654/2
Payload: 4,910 kg
Side walls: 500 + 500 mm
Capacity: 6.4 m3
Braking system: 2-line pneumatic
Wheels 11.5 / 80-15.3
Three-way tipping system of the box with rear ball joints with an optimal spacing
Load box with universal wall opening system
Walls: made of high-quality, strong, laser-welded PF500mm profiles, made of profiled sheets; with stable rear pillars; with forged hinges and locks
Chassis frame: triangular, welded from open steel profiles; universal, suitable for mounting the upper or lower drawbar or overrun drawbar
Swivel drawbar hitch with Ø50mm eye for connecting to the lower hitch of the tractor
Parking brake with crank
Lighting installation (bulb) 12V with rear electric socket (without side markers)
Connecting cable, spiral, lighting installation
Hydraulic tipping system with a cut-off valve limiting tipping
Telescopic cylinder on articulated suspension
Two wheel chocks placed in galvanized pockets
Rear underrun protection device (bumper) - homologated, rigid (integrated with the lower frame)
Two-component chemically hardened painting materials with high durability and UV resistance
Chassis painting color: red RAL3000 PRONAR
Wall painting color: green RAL6010 PRONAR
Grain hatch with a lock in the rear wall
Load box service support

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      Por favor, dígale al vendedor que encontró su máquina en venta en Mascus"
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Detalles - Calificación general (de 1 a 5): 5, Peso bruto: 6,100 kg, Dimensiones del espacio de carga (LxCxA): 3.5 x 1.8 x 1 m, Dimensiones de transporte (LaxAnxAl): 4960 x 1990 x 1430 mm, País de fabricación: Polonia, Capacidad máx. de carga: 6.40 m3